Dental Technology

At White Mountain Dental, we are excited about the technology we can use to enhance our comprehensive care and decrease your discomfort. We have replaced some of the older methods with remarkable devices that give us even more accurate information about your dental health with minimal inconvenience.

Intraoral Scanner

This device replaces the plaster molds of your mouth. Plaster molds were less effective than the intraoral scanner for several reasons:

  • Shipping those molds to a laboratory took valuable time.
  • Storing those molds for later reference was troublesome.
  • Patients with sensitive gag reflexes were very uncomfortable.

The intraoral scanner we use at this office solves all of those problems. We are able to gather more accurate information about the shapes/positions of your teeth than a traditional mold can, and eliminate the gag-inducing process at the same time.

The intraoral scanner is a wand that uses a light source to map the inside of your mouth. It is sensitive enough to show the finer details that were sometimes missed with traditional molds. We are able to view the digital models of your mouth immediately and store them for future reference. This device enables us to focus on your overall care with accuracy and efficiency.

Dental Cameras

Our staff is trained with cameras configured to take detailed photographs of your mouth, including your tongue and gums. We use these pictures to monitor progress of treatments and document any health issues. These pictures help us track your oral health easily and accurately.

Digital X-Rays

Using digital x-rays allows us to take detailed pictures of your jaw and bone structure with less radiation than the traditional x-ray. This alleviates safety concerns associated with x-rays for both patients and staff while still rendering excellent images.

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In addition to the amazing technology already present at our office, we are constantly learning about the latest techniques and tools available to give you the best care. Call White Mountain Dental to find out more!